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The Pay Playbook for Her

By: Dalana Brand, MBA, CCP, GRP

The gender pay gap is not a myth and its economic impact is very real. Despite increased attention, wage inequality between men and women persists and some research suggests women around the world may have to wait more than 100 years before the gender pay gap is closed. Worse still, the gap appears to be widening.


The Pay Playbook for HER offers a practical solution to the complex pay gap issue by providing proven salary strategies to help women appropriately assess their worth, understand how to evaluate the market value of a job, and ultimately command the salary they deserve. Every woman looking to advance their career should use the effective techniques in this playbook when negotiating their next raise or promotion.


The Pay Playbook for HER is here to help mind the gap because women cannot wait another century for pay parity.

Release Date: Coming in 2020

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